The Ultimate Care Package

Complete Web Hosting

Don't be bothered with phone support, passwords, providers, or cPanel. We handle of all of this for you.

Failure Protection

Never worry about a complicated backup solution again. We backup your website to secure Amazon S3 cloud servers.

Updates Included

WordPress sites have 5-15 maintenance and security updates every month. Save yourself the hassle, we got this.

Hacker Prevention

Malware cleanup can be expensive, we take measures to protect you from hackers. If a hack does occur we will clean up the mess.

Easy Site Edits

Don't want to learn how to code, or manage a website? Just open a ticket, and we take care of the rest. Yes... it's that easy.

Transparent Reporting

Finally, an easy to read report showing you the work we completed and your website metrics sent on a monthly/bi-monthly basis.


Keep Focused

A website needs constant maintenance updates, back ups, and security checks. With our website care plans, our team becomes your team, and as your team, we let you keep focused on what matters most. We take care of all these tricky website elements for you.


Website Investment

Your website is the key to your business’s online presence. Just like any car’s engine you need to keep your website maintained and in proper working condition. Forgoing website maintenance is similar to not changing the oil in your car…



Your current web manager not getting back to you?
We have a 3 hour average response and 18 hour resolution time.
That’s fast!


  • Hosting Type
    Shared VPS with Shared: SSD, CPU, RAM, and IP. Dedicated VPS with Dedicated: SSD, CPU, RAM, and IP. *VPS virtual machines running on top of a KVM hypervisor.
  • Hosting for Domain(s)*
    Number of Domains Allowed on Hosting Plan. *Denotes Ability to Upgrade.
  • Member Level
    Member Perks You Will Not Anywhere Else. View Member Perks
  • GB Bandwidth
    Amount of Bandwidth Data Transfer Included.
  • GB SSD Storage
    Amount of Website File Storage Included.
  • RAM
    Amount of Server RAM Included.
  • Website Backups
    Website Daily Server Backups and Monthly Backups to Amazon S3 Cloud servers. Backups are retained for a rolling 90 days.
  • Website Security
    Keep Your Website Secure. *Denotes Ability to Upgrade to Premium.
  • Security Scans
    If a security threat is found, our team jumps to action to secure it.
  • Hour(s) of Monthly Care
    Need to post a blog, change a headline, add a new picture or team member? We got you covered. We will take care of any minor changes, updates, and edits to your website. *Does not include Custom JS, PHP, jQuery or other coding. Check Managed Web Hosting Details for more information.
  • Website Care Report
    We send an easy to read report of your website traffic and work we have done on your website. Only available for WordPress websites.
  • Website Migration Included
    Website Migration From Old Host to our Hosting for sites up to 10GB File Size. *Does not include larger sites, DNS Entry Migration, Email Migration, or Non-WordPress Site/Content Migrations.
  • Hosting Uptime 99.9%
    High-Performance and Reliable Servers.
  • Email, Phone, and Webinar Support
    Work with a real person.
  • SSL Setup & Integration
    Let browsers know that they are viewing your website securely. Is necessary for Secure Online Transactions and helps with site SEO.
  • No Annual Contract
    No Contracts. Just Month to Month or yearly subscriptions. May cancel with 30 days notice.
  • Malware Cleanup Guarantee
    If malware is found on your site, we will clean your site and secure it at no additional charge.
  • Managed Hosting
    We fully manage your website hosting and optimize it to provide optimal performance and security.
  • Managed WordPress Updates
    Updates done to Core, Theme, and Plugins. Compatibility issues are resolved by us to keep your site running smoothly. *Does not include any required purchases.
  • WP Priority Support
    WordPress Priority Support to help you resolve issues.
  • Website Rollover Hours
    Hour(s) are transferable and rollover from one website to another, if client is hosting or managing multiple websites with us. Hour(s) expire at end of month and do not roll over to next month.
  • Multi-Site Resources
    When hossting multiple sites with us, you have Multi-Site shared resources. Meaning that the sites will be installed on separate applications for increased security, while sharing a plan’s total plan resources.
  • CDN Setup & Integration
    Content Delivery Networks (CDN) improve the speed and quality of websites, increasing SEO.
  • WordPress Multisite
    WordPress multisite enabled.
  • Database Optimization
    Optimize and Clean Database.
  • Uptime Monitoring
    Get notification when your website goes down, so you could get it back online before anyone else notices.
  • Broken Link Monitoring
    Monitoring and repairing broken links, included in reports.
  • Site Performance Monitoring
    We actively optimize and scan your website for performance and speed boosts. These test are included in your website care report.
  • Google Analytics Reporting
    Website integration with Google Analytics for monitoring and reporting delivered right into your email inbox. Keep track of your business performance online.
  • SEO Monitoring & Reporting
    Your Website Care Report will include SEO tracking on up to 100 keywords of your choosing. Rankings are updated every Sunday during the day, new results are guaranteed by Monday.
  • WooCommerce Reporting
    WooCommerce sales information (if applicable) will be included in your monthly report.
  • Quarterly Consulting Call
    A scheduled call, occurring quarterly, the call will review your account & consult on digital marketing goals for the next quarter.
  • Forever Fresh Website
    Your website will be estetically refreshed. *Requires 36 months of consecutive service on the Business Hosting & Care Plan, and other requirements. Please check our Managed WordPress Web Hosting Details Page.




Per Month

  • Not Included
  • Not Included
  • Member Plus
  • Not Included
  • Not Included
  • Not Included
  • Not Included
  • Not Included
  • Not Included
  • 1 Hour
  • Monthly
  • Not Included
  • Not Included
  • Not Included
  • Not Included
  • Not Included
  • Not Included
  • Not Included
  • Not Included
  • Not Included
  • Not Included
  • Not Included
  • Not Included
  • Not Included
  • Not Included
  • Not Included
  • Not Included
  • Not Included




Per Month

  • Shared*
  • 1 Domain*
  • Member Plus+
  • Unlimited
  • 10GB
  • 768MB
  • Daily
  • Enhanced
  • Daily
  • 1 Hour
  • Monthly




Per Month

  • Dedicated*
  • 1 Domain*
  • Member Plus+
  • Unlimited
  • 15GB
  • 1GB
  • Daily
  • Enhanced
  • Daily
  • 1 Hour
  • Monthly




Per Month

  • Dedicated*
  • 2 Domains*
  • Member Plus+
  • Unlimited
  • 25GB
  • 2GB
  • Daily
  • Enhanced
  • Daily
  • 2 Hours
  • Monthly




Per Month

  • Dedicated*
  • 3 Domains*
  • Member Plus+
  • Unlimited
  • 50GB
  • 3GB
  • Daily
  • Enhanced*
  • Daily
  • 3 Hours
  • Bi-Weekly

*Denotes that Options, Add-ons, Upgrades are available or One-Time/Monthly/Annual Fees May Apply From Provider and/or Conceptualized Design, or other party.
Check hosting plan for details and view web hosting details and use of monthly care.

*All pricing and estimates are subject to time sold to client on an as needed basis.
All requests over 1 hour will receive a quote for project-based work with a new estimate of cost.



Our web hosting is very competitives with the major web hosting providers who charge the same for Web Hosting ONLY. In our Web Hosting & Care Plans we offer various Member Perks and added benefits with a value of over $476 per year* included in your plan for Free!



Our Member Perks include:

  • Full-access to Project Management software.
  • Access to our monthly newsletters and updates.
  • Lifetime Theme Updates (if using our theme).



Our Member Plus Perks Include:

  • All of the Member Perks.
  • Lifetime Gravity Form Updates ($59+ Per Year Value*)
  • Hour(s) of Care Applies to On-Page SEO Updates and changes.



Our Member Plus+ Perks include:

  • All other Member Perks.
  • Discounted Web Service Rates on Future Projects*
  • Discounted Hourly Rates When Added to Recurring Monthly Web Hosting Plan Payments.*



We’ve been in business since 2011, and we’ve heard it all.
See below to find an answer to commonly asked questions.

We build your site, social media presence, and brand. We want to host it on our servers, too. Would you put a Porsche engine inside a Ford station wagon? We offer web hosting so we can help control the environment that your business is presented on. You can have a great website but if the hosting servers are mediocre, then your web presence will suffer.

We will, as well as any contractors we employ to exclusively work on your website care support. We do take customer privacy very seriously. We encourage you to review our privacy policy and read more about our company.

Most of the time you will not be bothered with issues. We will resolve any issues promptly if and when they occur. There are times where we will alert you to an issue if it requires further decision on your part, or has the potential to impact your sales.

The GoDigital Guarantee is very simple. If we build your website then we guarantee that your website will run faster and smoother on our hosting than on a standard GoDaddy hosting account, otherwise we will give you a free year of hosting (while we get our act together).

Managed Hosting is the use of our services to maintain your site and keep it up to date. An unmanaged hosting service merely is the location of your website where you do all the pages yourself.

For website design and development project, yes. For web hosting and care plans, there is no annual contract, however we do require a month to month, or year to year commitment, depending on which you sign up for. If you are not happy you can cancel at any time, we will continue to work on your site through the rest of that month and you will not be charged for the next month.

Yes, there is a $50-$100 onboarding signup fee (depending on which plan you sign up for) for a site that we did not create, or a site that has not had a care plan with us in the last 3 months. *Additionally, we may ask you to resolve issues with your site before we can onboard you onto our website care plan services.

When you sign up you will enroll via your credit card, debit card, or through ACH Bank payments these payment methods will be automatically charged on the same day each month for service. If you sign up in the middle of the month, your first charge is prorated to only charge for the remainder of the month.



We create and deliver customized web solutions tailored
to our clients needs that brings their brand to life online.



Bring to the table win-win strategies to ensure great web design, marketing and hosting strategies to dominate your niche market. At the end of the day, and going forward, a new normal that has evolved from our relationship. Your website is fully managed. Giving you peace of mind.