Details of our Managed Web Hosting Plans

Hosting Details

Managed Web Hosting Plans that our Web Development Agency provide do not include and/or cover any subscriptions, membership, renewals, 3rd party purchases, and/or any other form of purchase that may be required for the updating, maintenance, changes and/or modifications to your website, WordPress core, WordPress theme(s), WordPress plugin(s), and/or any other 3rd party services.

Only in cases where a customized web hosting plan is created and agreed upon by both parties to cover some or all of these plugin, and theme renewal costs, that they may be included into a Managed Web Hosting Plan.

If your website at any point exceeds the given resources on your Managed Web Hosting Plan for you have for your website, the Managed Web Hosting Plan must be upgraded in order to cover the additional web hosting resources and/or requirements that are needed for the website to work and perform as needed and/or as desired.

Server resources that may need to be increase that are beyond the given resources on your Managed Web Hosting Plan include but are not limited to additional GB’s (Gigabytes) of disk/web space, RAM, CPU’s, Bandwidth, Dedicated IP (Internet Protocol) Address, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate, WildCard SSL and/or any other requested or required resource or service that is needed for your website. These will be added to your recurring monthly web hosting payments on your current Managed Web Hosting Plan.

Discounts on Start-Up Web Hosting Plans of 12-month, 24-month, and 36-month plan renewals apply only to the base hosting price and does not apply to any other web hosting add-ons, upgrades, and/or 3rd party purchases, etc.

Member Perks

When you sign up for our Managed Web Hosting Service Plans, you gain access to Member Perks that you don’t get with other Web Hosting Providers. Member Perks vary depending on the Web Hosting Plan Chosen. Some of our Full Member Perks Include:

  • Free SSL Certificates & Renewals – $65+ Per Year Value*
  • Free CDN for Faster Site Loading Speeds* – $65+ Per Year Value*
  • Free Monthly Backups, Restore Points, and Offsite Backups – $36+ Per Year Value*
  • Free Contact Form Premium License – $59+ Per Year Value*
  • Enhanced Web Security – $72+ Per Year Value*
  • Discounted Web Service Rates on Projects
  • Discounted Hourly Rates When Added to Recurring Monthly Web Hosting Plans

Our Members save on average $297 Per Year with our Web Hosting Member Perks compared to similar web hosting providers. While having faster site loading speeds, discounts on hourly rates, and Monthly Web Management Hours Included in certain web hosting plans.

One Example: $50/month ($600/year) Web Hosting Plan – Similar Hosting Service from Similar Provider* $30/month ($360/year) = $20/month ($240/year) for an Hourly Rate of Monthly Maintenance.*

*Numbers are pulled from other market competitors numbers for similar services.
**Faster site loading speeds compared to similar hosting providers based on plan pricing, hosting services and given amount of RAM/Bandwidth on a cost basis.

Limited Member Perks

Qualify for all member perks mentioned above, except for the following:

  • Discounted Hourly Rates When Added to Recurring Monthly Web Hosting Plans

Hour(s) of Monthly Maintenance

Hour(s) of Monthly Maintenance in our Managed Web Hosting Plans cover the following items:

  • Includes Hosting for Website – Size and Space Varies by Plan
  • Web Content Management – Changes and updates to existing web pages for content, images, slides, forms, links and other small design changes to website (Time cannot be used to create new pages, new forms, new sliders, new slides or web development time – These are billed separately at our hourly rate)
  • Post a Blog to your Website
  • Web and Social Media Consulting
  • HTML and CSS Custom Coding Included (Other custom coding may be billed separately at our hourly rate)
  • Email Scheduling; Unique email assign to send in change requests
  • Updates for WordPress Core, Theme, and Plugin Updates (Does not include any 3rd Party purchases or subscriptions for updates)
  • Search Engine Optimization and Monitoring Services and Changes (Must have SEO Monitoring Package added to your Hosting Plan to make changes to SEO, or pay our current hourly rate to perform such work)
  • 24/7 Support including Email/Chat/Phone/Text
  • Overages for hour(s) of work performed are at our normal Hourly Rate

*Hour(s) on Managed Web Hosting Plans do not rollover and do not compound over time. All hour(s) expire at the end of each month.

Requesting Changes and Updates

While your maintenance plan is in ‘active’ status, we can provide the following changes and updates as necessary. Please note the time frame for these changes. For any new tasks, please send a request to the e-mail address we have provided for you. Any changes requested outside of this management plan may incur additional charges.

How to Send an Email Request to POC:

  1. The Email Subject should be the Task Name; one email per request.
  2. Body – Include as much as possible about the change or update, including a requested timeframe.
  3. Attachments – Please include as many files as possible. If you have over 20 megabytes of files, please contact us so that we may be able to accommodate a file transfer.
  4. Screenshots – Include any screenshots that may help us define the request.

Each month, a Monthly Web Management reminder will be sent to you to remind you of any monthly website changes so you do not lose this time. It is important to note that changes to your account may occur. Please help us by utilizing the email request format. If you have any questions about billing, please contact

Our Work Schedule and Website Requests

We are closed on Weekends and Holidays, if any submissions for website changes are sent during these times, we will not be able to processes these until our next business day, and will be processed by order of priority from most urgent to least urgent. Only in cases of a website being crashed or not functioning will we process the website request and work on the weekends to ensure that your business is staying LIVE online.

Turnarounds and Timeframes for Requests

Content – We can update any content including text, contest rules, etc. Must already have content ready including any edits. Must be on existing pages, new pages may be at an additional cost. Usually only takes 15-20 minutes to update. Typical Turnaround Time: 24-48 hours.

Blog Posts – We can add a blog post for you. Must already have content and images ready including any edits. Does not include SEO on posts unless SEO Package is purchased. Usually only takes 10 minutes to post. Typical Turnaround Time: 24-48 hours.

Images – You can submit a request for us to add or replace any images in the template. Must already have image ready, any cropping or customization that need to be performed by us will accrue additional time. Typical Turnaround Time: 24-48 hours.

Forms – You may need to change a form: Adding, removing, editing a form field that doesn’t consist of custom coding. Must already have a form already present on the website to edit. Any new form creations will accrue additional time and may at an additional cost. Typical Turnaround Time: 2-3 days.

Coding – We may be required to change custom coding required per your request. It will be determined by the scheduling team and we can respond according to update. Any items that go beyond the hourly allotment will be at our current hourly rate.  Third Party Integrations, Form Validations, Custom CSS, Small Programming. Typical Turnaround Time: 7-10 days

Other Changes – Inquire if they are covered or will be an additional cost.

Payments and Cancellation

All web hosting payments are made by signing up for recurring monthly payments through our website for your website’s specific web hosting plan. Once you have signed up for online hosting payments, these will be recurring monthly until they are cancelled. Each web hosting payment is made for the next calendar month of web hosting services. If a payment fails, we will request updated payment information to add to your online profile.

Custom web hosting plans that are not listed on our website are plans customized to a client’s specific needs and agreed upon before initial processing. Such plans include enhanced services that include but are not limited to additional hours per month of monthly maintenance, enhanced security, enhanced server performance, enhanced CDNs, include plugin renewal costs, and any other agreed upon items to include into their web hosting payments.

If a client wishes to cancel their web hosting services, we require a 30 day notice. If a client submits a cancellation notice, they have 30 days to migrate and/or delete their website to a new hosting provider.

Before a cancellation and website migration can occur, all payments for services rendered to-date are due must be paid in full before any web hosting services are cancelled, and before a client is given access to migrate their website.

There are no cancellation fees. However, if your website is not migrated within the 30 day, your web hosting payments will continue until the site is migrated and/or deleted. If you need help to migrate your website, there is a migration cost of $200 to migrate to another hosting provider, or you can be given the necessary login information to migrate your website on your own or through a 3rd party, free of charge.

When cancelling your web hosting services, any and all benefits of our web hosting solutions on your website will be cancelled. These include, but are not limited to the removal, cancellation, and disabling of your Free SSL Security Certificate(s), 3rd Party Off-Site Backups, CDN (Content Distribution Network), Caching Systems, Security Systems, as well as Free Access to Licensing Keys providing unlimited future updates on Contact Forms, Themes, Plugins, and 3rd Party Extensions. In addition, any discounts in hourly rates or other services will be discontinued.

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