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Communication is key. In our feedback from past clients, we learned that communicating what we have done, when it was done, and by who it was done by was far more important than a call from a “manager”. Our Project Management System allows you see what has been done on the same day it was done and by who, including what time it was done. No one needs to suffer from scheduled meeting narratives that aren’t specific in detail or explain what has been done. We over-communicate and some clients turn it down.

In most cases…Yes. However, when we build new websites, they are pre-configured and ready for Digital Marketing purposes. On-Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a particular approach to the coding and work on the backend of the website, and may be included in your website design. If you have a Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, or a website on another platform, you don’t always have the full-control like what you’d have on a WordPress website. On WordPress, we can modify 99% of everything on the page(s) while these other platforms only provide “spaces” to add content. The good news is we offer Migrations to WordPress at an affordable cost.

Yes. However, it is only for initial Website Design and Development Projects where we use a Website Service Agreement. This agreement outlines all of the services we will be providing with the details and expectations of both parties to ensure that the website project and scope of work are clearly defined to ensure that everything that was discussed and agreed upon is in writing to make sure everyone is accountable for their own part in the project.

No. All of our Web Hosting & Care Plans are on either a monthly or yearly subscription payment plan basis. With a few Web Hosting Plans offering discounts for yearly or multi-year subscriptions. We believe that a client should not be locked in to their web hosting (as many web hosting companies do). If we are not providing a good service to our clients, our clients should have the freedom to find another service provider to cover their needs.

Your current provider isn’t telling you everything. One of our values over our competitors is that we track time in detailed logs and represent our services coordinated with how much time you’ve purchased on your project. Every project is based on a time estimate. With our time logs, we can tell you exactly who worked on your account, what they exactly did…and when they did it. We are accountable to your budget and our time. Our competitors won’t have such a detailed story of what happened last week.

We are less expensive than the big boys, and competitive with the rest. Without sacrificing quality since we’re really good at what we do. However, we don’t don’t sell outcomes…we sell our time. This is different than any agency we’ve met. When you have a project we make an estimate on the amount of time needed for the project using our experience, and make our estimated rated on how much time it would take to achieve your goal. Once we get to 80% of the project time allotment, meaning 20% away from the estimated time, we start pushing communication based on this urgency to finish. If we get to the end of the time and the project isn’t complete, our communication and accountability helps determine how much additional time may be needed.

Yes, we offer payment plans for all of our Digital Services that we offer, working with each of our clients to help them develop a payment plan that works for them and their business. Each of our Web Hosting & Care Plans come in either a Monthly or Yearly subscription-based payment plans as well.

Of course. Bartering is a lost trade and if you have something of value to put on the table for our services and that item serves our team members then it’s simple. For example, most restaurants operate at an average 23% food lost each week. That means we can pick up a credit at our favorite restaurant while the place doesn’t have to spend any more cash on product and we reduce their losses. Win-win. If you have inventory or services for “universal” needs, then you may find yourself in a trade agreement with us.

No, while we do have many clients from Manhattan, Kansas, we have clients all throughout the United States. Just like with our local clients, we make use of technology to work together seamlessly, regardless of location through utilizing our Project Management Software, our online Support Desk, Online Meetings, and Phone Calls.

Yes. We work with nonprofits, freelancers, startups, small-, medium-, and large businesses. Our partnerships are built on trust and we want to work with clients who know their business and respect that we know ours.

Yes, you do! At the end of the project, once all payments have been made for the web project, all property belongs to you, and is provided upon request. If you decide at any time to migrate to a new web host, you are free to go without any lock-ins or withholdings. Just make sure your web hosting and projects are paid- up-to-date and you are good to go!

As each website is unique in its own specific size, requirements, and complexity, there are many variables that can determine a timeline, however from experience most small web projects take approximately 4 to 12 weeks to complete, with medium projects potentially taking 8-16, and large projects taking 10 – 20 weeks. To get an accurate estimate, fill out our Request an Estimate Form to find out more.

As we strive to offer affordable web design services to each of our clients, and not all clients need them. We offer stock photography as an addon to any of our website design that we offer. If you need them, we can add them.

We offer content writing as an addon service to any of our web projects as not all clients need content writing. However, if you need help writing content, we can sure help you out where needed.

Yes. All of our websites are completely mobile responsive, where they automatically adjust to the type of device your visitor is using whether it is a Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, or Mobile Phone.

Each of our web solutions are customized to our clients needs and budget. With all of our web designs we offer On-Page SEO as an addon service.

Yes. However, only in certain cases such as for local photography, videography, drone video, and other location-based services, or if one of our team members is gone, sick, on maternity leave, etc. Then we have a backup team member in place to handle any needs that we may have to make sure each of our clients projects are completed on-time and on-budget. We partner with as many local professionals as possible to get the job done.

Yes, we can provide you login access to make updates and changes on your end, or you can have us make the changes for you. Simply submit a Support Request Here, or email a message to “” with your support request for updates and changes. If you have a Website Care Plan, the change may be covered with your Hour(s) of Monthly Care. If you do not have a Website Care Plan, a fee may apply. Please review our Support, Update, and Change Request Policy Here for more details.



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